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Luxury VIP cruises on the Red Sea
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VIP Excursions to Cairo and around
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Enjoy our sundeck

A selection of our trips

Our Packages

  • All-inclusive luxury VIP snorkeling trips
  • Diving trips to spectacular spots in the Red Sea
  • Private dining under the stars
  • Celebrate Love! Invite your guests to a endulcing marriage celebration
  • High quality food and drinks included
  • Private children birthday party’s

About Marianna1

Our yacht is equipped with the best seats and sofas. All upholstered with the best artificial leather from Europe.The carpets give the interior a luxuriously pleasant appearance.

Let the stress of every day behind on our beautiful Sunset Trips!


  • The most amazing children’s Happy Birthday party’s will become reality. Call us for your desired theme!
  • Guided snorkel and diving trips to the best kept secrets of the Red Sea, including complete new snorkling gear
  • Wedding party


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