Our payment options:

You can meet your VIP trips with us in different ways.
1. Payments by credit card via ………… ..
All payments are due prior to the booked VIP trip or excursion. If payment is not received or the payment method is declined or refunded, the purchaser will lose ownership of the purchased VIP trip or excursion.


For all our VIP trips or excursions, a full payment of the booking or a deposit of 20% is required.

Can I book through Whattspp and pay on the spot?
Yes that is possible when a payment request for the relevant booking is sent via Whattsapp.
For Arabic send a message to +20 101 4557982
For English and Dutch send a message to: +31 6 24619146

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Daily Excursions:
    You can cancel our daily excursions for free at least 24 hours before the start of the relevant trip.
  2. Excursions by plane:
    For our VIP trips and excursions using domestic flights, you can also cancel up to 24 hours in advance, with flight cancellation charges subject to the airline’s cancellation policy, which changes from case to case. The remainder of the amount paid will be refunded after deducting the flight cancellation costs.


We handle any refunds to the same card account and using the same method as the original payment. Unfortunately there are no refunds for No-Show.


It is customary in Egypt to express a person’s satisfaction with the good services rendered to him/her by the staff on duty. Note that you are not obliged to do so, but it is greatly appreciated


Something can go wrong everywhere, including with us. Despite our great efforts, you may have a complaint. If this is the case, please discuss this directly with your guide of your VIP trip or excursion, as most problems can be solved on site. If you feel that your problem is still not resolved, please contact us directly at the known telephone numbers. We will always be there for you and try to realize a solution.

Optional excursions:

Any optional tours such as entry to the mummy room in the Egyptian Museum or entry to the Pyramids or Tutankhamun’s Tomb in Luxor are not included. Of course we can arrange this for you, please indicate this when booking. You must pay these extra costs yourself. The prices are as followed:
Mummy room 15.00 euros
Pyramids 25.00 euros
Tutankhamun’s tomb 25.00 euros

Acceptance of the agreement:

The contract consisting of the acceptance by Marianna 1 of the customer’s booking subject to our booking conditions constitutes the entire agreement between you as a customer and us as a company, so the payment of a deposit or final payment by bank transfer or credit card indicates that all terms and conditions have been accepted and each part agrees to comply with them.

Children and our VIP trips:

Egyptians love children and our staff will ensure that your children have the day of their life during one of our VIP trips or excursions. It is of course true that a long day in the bus to, for example, Luxor or Cairo is not recommended for younger children. But of course it remains your own choice and we will do everything we can to make your day as complete and relaxed as possible.

We have the following payment policy for children:
0 – 1 year free of charge
2 – 5 years 25% of the total travel sum
6 – 11 years 50% of the total travel sum
+12 Are considered as adults.
If your VIP trips include flights, an additional charge for your child may apply, further information for this will of course be available.

How can you reach us?

You can reach us anywhere:
Arabic by telephone or Whattsapp +20 1014557982
Dutch or English, by telephone or Whattsapp +31 624619146

E-mail: (to be completed)