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Egypt, one of the most fascinating countries in the world for centuries!

This applies to both above and underwater!

Along the entire Red Sea coast there is a spectacular underwater world, ready to be discovered by you or maybe you have enjoyed this beautiful underwater world many times . During one of our snorkelling trips you will experience that the corals are gently recovering in all their splendour. The amount of fish in all colours and sizes is overwhelming, and our captains know the best snorkelling spots like no other. Our captains and crew will therefore arrange a wonderful day trip for you.

The Red Sea seems to get its name from the red-coloured algae that appear on the surface of the water in certain parts of the year. Despite the name, the water in the Red Sea looks mainly azure blue.

Throughout the year you will find comfortable water temperatures and the visibility is fantastic: in short, the perfect snorkelling conditions for a relaxed VIP snorkelling trip. And don’t forget the idyllic snorkelling conditions of the Red Sea, with water temperatures rarely dropping below 22° C. Visibility is usually excellent. This incredible clarity transforms the area’s teeming reefs into a real aquarium, providing the perfect conditions for underwater photographers to capture that perfect shot of you, your family or your loved one!

The Red Sea lies between the African and Asian continents and has an inlet formed from the Indian Ocean. It is known as one of the most salty seas in the world. This is due to geographic location and the rapid evaporation of the water. This makes snorkelling in the Red Sea pleasant and relaxing.

Although the Red Sea borders both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, we only depart from Hurghada Egypt.

We offer many different options, private VIP daytrips, VIP group trips, VIP sunset trips, VIP dinner trips.

Enough choices for everybody. When you spend your vacation in Hurghada, you only have to do one thing, contact us and discover our excursions that will put a smile on your face and send you home with unforgettable memories.

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Our yacht is equipped with the best seats and sofas. All upholstered with the best artificial leather from Europe.The carpets give the interior a luxuriously pleasant appearance.

Let the stress of every day behind on our beautiful Sunset Trips!


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